When rolling out a new product line or entering a market, the only thing as important as the quality of your product or service is your marketing strategy for gaining awareness. More commerce is being done on the internet than ever before, so having a digital marketing plan is the first step towards getting a foothold in the market. Many companies are turning to full-service digital marketing firms for help developing a digital marketing plan of action, leaving the in-house talent free to focus on product development.

The biggest strength of bringing in outside help for digital marketing is that these professionals have done hundreds of campaigns, letting them bring their experience and expertise to your company. Read on to find out what you need to know before setting up a digital marketing plan, and how we can help.

The 5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Setting Up a Digital Marketing Plan in 2020

What Is My Target Audience?

Every company has a core audience for their good or service, and wide-reaching campaigns targeting a general audience face massive competition and are prohibitively expensive.

The best way to get a foothold in the market is to know who your product appeals to and target the websites, platforms, and times the demographic is most active. At Wren interactive, our digital marketing experts have tailored campaigns to many demographics and know the tricks to find the most likely customers for your business.

What Marketing Strategies Are Most Effective for My Business?

Digital marketing is a combination of strategies, and every campaign weighs some techniques more heavily than others when aiming for their target audience.

A company selling a product aimed at senior citizens would rely heavily on email marketing to build a loyal customer base, while a product aimed at young males would advertise heavily on social media platforms like Twitter. Curating your advertising rollout carefully is the best way to market your product effectively while keeping costs down.

What Is My Benchmark for Success?

Once your digital marketing plan has rolled out, the next stage is to track your results to make sure your advertising is reaching your targeted demographic to grow your presence.

The best statistical software makes it easy to track your interactions and conversions across multiple advertising platforms, but the highest-end models can be prohibitively expensive for small businesses. When you work with a top digital marketing agency, you get access to their statistical software and the best analysis.

What Is My Growth Plan?

A rollout digital marketing strategy should be small and targeted, focused on spreading word of your company to your most likely customers and getting satisfied buyers to build your company’s reputation.

Every plan has a second stage. After you’ve reached your first benchmarks, the next step is to discuss expansion plans with your digital marketing experts. This can include spreading your campaign to new and larger platforms, targeting new demographics, and hiring brand ambassadors.

What Is My Customer Service Strategy?

Even the best company will hit some bumps in the road, and handling an unhappy customer can have a major impact on your company’s reputation. Many cautionary tales exist of companies botching their response, but companies who handle it well often turn a complainer into a satisfied customer. Discussing your customer service strategy with your digital marketing experts is key before your rollout.

A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

Whether you’re rolling out your first project line or moving into a new stage for your company, having a digital marketing strategy is key to making a splash in the market. Contact Wren Interactive for more information on our services or to set up a consultation today.