Imagine having a way to increase your revenue and reach prospects instantly, all while maintaining a tight marketing budget. It sounds like a dream, but it’s not. It’s email marketing: a powerfully effective way to promote your brand. Best of all, this technique is accessible to everyone. At Wren Interactive, we provide digital marketing strategies that can help your business grow.

8 Reasons to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

1. You Can Reach Many People on a Limited Budget

With email marketing, your potential to grow your list of contacts and send promotional material to prospects is unlimited. Email marketing is a very cost-effective means of communicating with your client base, costing mere pennies per contact. Of course, you shouldn’t exploit this low cost by overwhelming your customers. Studies show that the ideal frequency for sending marketing emails is about once a week, according to customer preferences.

In terms of both reach potential and cost, email beats traditional advertising methods. Unlike print advertising, you don’t need to spend money on paper for every recipient. Compared to listings in phone directories and magazines, your emails have a greater chance of being noticed.

2. Customers Appreciate Email Communication

It is important to communicate with customers over channels that are convenient and attractive to them. Marketing research has shown that 72% of customers would rather receive an email than a text, a phone call, or another means of communication. Reasons for this preference include the fact that email is something you opt into. When a customer gives his or her email, it is a green light for a conversation to start. Therefore, your email marketing strategy will not be perceived as something that is intrusive.

Another reason customers prefer email is the fact that it is an instant way to get highly relevant information about your company. In this day and age, everyone is trying to stay on top of their purchases and the latest trends. If you are having a sale or a promotion, your customers can learn about it through email and make purchases before your sale has finished. If you have a new line of products, your customers can find out in an email and check it out while the items are still hot.

3. Email Marketing Generates Data and Insights to Inform Your Campaigns

Every digital interaction between you and your customers generates metrics that you can use to understand the success of your strategy. Some key insights you can get from email marketing include:

  • What percentage of the contacts on your list opened an email
  • How many people clicked through a given email
  • How many people unsubscribed from your list after receiving an email
  • How many spam complaints you received
  • How many people visited your website or social media from a link in an email

Once you review these metrics, you can assess the effectiveness of your email marketing and tailor the content and demographics accordingly. Therefore, email marketing can save you time, as well as money. You won’t waste hours by creating campaigns that are not effective because you will have a better understanding of your customers’ tastes.

4. You Can Send a Campaign in Different Batches

One specific way you can use the information generated by email marketing to improve your campaign effectiveness is by doing tests to understand what time of day is best to reach out to people. Instead of sending an email to your entire list at once, send it to different portions of your list at different times of the day. Review your open and click-through rates to determine when people are most likely to engage with an email that they receive. The next time you do a campaign, you can send all of your emails at the ideal time.

5. You Can Personalize Your Advertising

Consumers respond best to advertising that is specifically directed towards their needs and preferences. While it would be too time-consuming to hand-craft a message for each prospect and too impersonal to send out the same message to every person who might be interested in your services, email marketing offers you a way to achieve a happy balance: you can create different email lists for different types of customers.

If you have one group of customers who are interested in a specific type of service and another group that is more likely to buy another type, create multiple lists and send emails that are relevant to each group. You can use the following customer attributes to create multiple email lists:

  • Demographics
  • Purchase history
  • Point in the customer lifecycle
  • Stated preferences

6. You Can Create Emails That Are Appealing to Customers

There are proven ways to make your emails look attractive to customers. One of the most important ways is by sending the kind of content people want to receive. According to marketing research, customers tend to appreciate these types of emails:

  • Discounts and sales
  • Announcements about new product launches
  • Sweepstakes and contests
  • Freebies
  • News updates pertaining to your company
  • Memberships and loyalty rewards programs

Another great way to make your emails look good to customers is by using emojis in your subject line. Emojis are fun and lighthearted. Studies show that emails that use emojis in the subject have a higher chance of being opened than emails that do not. Similarly, using a call to action within your email can mobilize prospects towards making purchases and further engaging with your business.

You can also use attractive images within your email. Be careful, however, with this strategy. While a few great images can engage your customers, too many will slow down the rate at which your email loads.

7. Email Marketing Will Enhance Other Aspects of Your Marketing Strategy

One of the best reasons to improve your email marketing is the fact that you don’t have to do it at the expense of your other marketing platforms. In fact, email marketing works extremely well when combined with other strategies. For example, you can use social media to encourage people to opt into your email list. Simultaneously, you can include links within your emails to direct people to your social media. The same holds true for your website.

8. Email Marketing Will Support Your Sales Team

Your email list can help your sales team convert prospects to clients by generating qualified leads. When someone engages with your brand by offering his or her email, it indicates interest in your products. You can use emails to build a familiarity with your brand before a live conversation with one of your sales representatives happens.

Your Email Marketing Strategy Is a Powerful Way to Grow Your Business

Both big brands and small businesses alike can harness the potential of email marketing to drive sales. The top benefits of email marketing are that it’s:

  • Inexpensive
  • A way to reach many people
  • Provides marketing metrics
  • Customers’ preferred channel
  • Easy to integrate with other types of marketing
  • A way to create qualified leads

Contact Wren Interactive today for more information on email marketing. We look forward to providing you with effective digital marketing strategies that harness the power of technology for the growth of your business.