To stay competitive, you need a strong, clear, helpful presence on the Internet. Your website is one of the most important digital spaces you occupy, and good website optimization improves conversions and your bottom line. Is your website doing what it should? Consider these warning signs that your website isn’t optimized the way it should be:

Proof That You Need Website Optimization

Your Loading Speeds Are Slow

If your website is loading too slowly, this is an optimization issue that’s killing your conversions. There are lots of studies out there proving that Internet users are not very patient when it comes to loading times. If they have to wait more than two seconds, they’ll be off somewhere else.

People Aren’t Responding As They Should

The goal of your website is to get a certain response from visitors, but if people aren’t converting one of the most likely culprits is a problem with your message. People need to know what you do, and if your website landing pages use multiple typefaces, images that are too large, or contain so much information that users can’t quickly and easily see what it is you want them to do, they just won’t do it.

Your Links Are Broken

Links are crucial to your website, and you may already be aware that having too many links is bad. The worst thing of all, however, is broken links. if there’s hypertext all of your pages sending people on a journey to nowhere, your website needs to be optimized before you fall too far behind.

You Built a Brand-New Website…Three Years Ago

When was the last time you made significant changes to your website? You don’t have to change your theme, and you shouldn’t deviate from your brand standards for fonts and colors (and these should be consistent across all your digital presence), but your website needs to be refreshed and optimized on a regular basis. An older website may not support the functions that you need and may be causing you website optimization issues you don’t even realize you have.

You Have a Lot of Keywords

Search engine optimization is the best way to get your website indexed correctly and ranking highly in organic searches. Unfortunately, it’s easy to overdo things. Specific keywords are important, but stuffing them into every available spot is going to destroy your optimization. Google is on a mission to force websites to fill themselves with relevant, helpful information rather than simply sticking in a few important keywords, so if you want to get noticed you have to do it right.

You Can’t Explain Your Hierarchy

We’re not talking here about the hierarchy within your company but within the structure of your website. Your hierarchy needs to be concise and intuitive so it’s easy for people to find what they’re looking for and move seamlessly from page to page. If people are getting frustrated because they have to go back three pages to go in a different direction, your website needs better optimization.

The Site Is Overly Aesthetic

Naturally you want your website to look beautiful, or at least appealing, but you can go way too far with the embellishments. Most of us have had the experience of occasionally landing on a website that looked amazing, but after the initial awe you find it hard to tell what the company is even about or any place to click to learn more. The aesthetic had overwhelmed the practical. Get a neutral third-party to take a look at your website; because too much embellishment could be hurting you.

Get Your Website Optimized Right

If your website isn’t delivering the results you expect, contact the experts at Wren Interactive today. We’ll bring a fresh look to your site and get you the increased traffic, reputation, and conversions you need to stay competitive.