Being local doesn’t mean that everyone in your community knows where your business is or has even heard of your business. If you are looking to reach out to a local audience to offer your service or product, local online marketing is the best way to reach new customers and generate sales. Due to the vast competition of the internet, local marketing can seem like an impossible task when competing for customers online. At Wren Interactive, we have the expertise to help you get an edge against international businesses with an ever-expanding online presence.

Local Online Marketing In Less Than 140 Characters

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Local online marketing is attracting nearby visitors and community members to your business through online marketing strategies.

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How Can Local Marketing Help My Business?

Marketing your business locally doesn’t mean competing with international businesses on a global level, but you can focus on edging out the competition on a local level. As people become more and more connected in their daily life, marketing online has become more competitive and lucrative.

Marketing your local business online using proven strategies will bolster your customer base and help you generate more business. Internet search engines give a certain preference to local businesses when users are searching for products and services that may be available locally.

When a user searches online from within the same zip code or geographic location, results from local businesses with a web presence are recommended to the user. Your business can drive new customers into your store or website using strategies to move to the top of the localized search engine.

Areas Where Online Marketing Can Often Be Improved

Search Engines

Getting your business to the top of search engines is an important element of online marketing. Potential customers will often search for a service or product using a search phrase like “hair salon near me,” which will prompt the search engine to display local businesses based on the search engine user’s location.

Using local search engine optimization, or SEO, a business can ensure that their website or location will be displayed in the results for nearby search queries. Registering your business with the major search engine providers such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing is a great start improving your local SEO. If you are looking for a more in-depth approach to SEO, a greater focus on your web design, links, and keywords in your web content is needed.

Google Maps

Having inaccurate information on Google Maps or no address information in Google Maps at all can turn potential customers away from your local business. When you register your business with Google My Business, you can pin your location on Google Maps to improve your local traffic when people search Google for your service or products.

Google Maps acts as a directory and can also help customers find your location. For the most effective Google Maps presence, a local business should ensure that the information displayed on Google Maps, such as hours of operation and phone number, are correct. Local businesses should also keep an eye on their reviews and encourage customer reviews to boost their reputation.

Directory Websites

Claiming your business on directory websites can provide you with control over the information provided in your listing and access to reviews. Websites like Yelp, Superpages, and Citysearch provide potential customers with information about your business and give your business a presence online. Customers can also review your business on these websites, so it’s important that you encourage customer reviews and have a platform to respond.

Social Media

An excellent marketing platform to reach new customers and obtain leads is through social media. Some social media platforms that are great for local businesses include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can reach local customers through paid advertisements and organic reach using these platforms.

Your business can share images, events, information, and notifications on social media platforms. Social media gives you a unique chance to interact with customers and allows customers to share their opinions and engage with your business. Paid advertisements let you reach your target demographic more quickly and collect new leads.


One of the most effective ways of generating and converting leads is through advertisements. Advertisements can be purchased from companies like Google and will show up based on keywords in searches. Keywords that are frequently searched by local customers looking for a service can be an excellent investment.

A local business may want to invest in a keyword such as “24-hour locksmith.” When customers in the area are looking for a locksmith to help them immediately, they will often choose the top listing on a search engine.

Pay-per-click ad campaigns are also a good investment for lead generation and conversion. Businesses looking to capitalize on these ad campaigns will be required to create a landing page for the traffic generated from advertisements. The placement of the ads depends on the quality score and maximum bid price of the ad campaign.

Local Coupon Apps

A strategy that works for a variety of businesses to build a local customer base is by offering local incentives through coupon apps like Groupon. Customers looking for deals through these apps can be incentivized to go to your local business with a coupon.

Website Design

When customers reach your landing page or website, are you making a good impression? If the website design is not professional and does not have an interface that is easy to navigate, customers may choose another local business over your own. Give your audience a positive experience and reason to stay on your website and learn more about your business.

Websites with a high bounce rate, meaning users only view one page before leaving the website, can harm search engine rankings. Your business website should be optimized for speed, appearance, and interactivity to generate leads and convert leads to sales.

Mobile Friendly

Your website design should not only be great for viewing in a desktop browser but also optimized for mobile users. Mobile users make up a large percentage of web traffic, and not making improvements on your mobile design can cost leads and sales. A good website can be accessed on a mobile phone and will have a similar function as the desktop website, but made for a better experience on a smaller touch screen device.


Your business’s content in the form of blogs and social media posts can help attract customers. Regularly updated and managed content is a great way to maintain your search listing and allow customers to interact with your business. Having engaging content will keep users coming back and viewing multiple pages on your website.

A Solution for Your Local Online Marketing Needs

Managing your marketing, website, and online reputation can be tedious for a business owner. If you are looking for a solution to compete with larger companies in your local business economy, an expert team in marketing your local business online is necessary.

At Wren Interactive, we specialize in website design, graphic design, reputation management, social marketing, digital advertising, and mobile marketing, so you don’t have to become an expert in online marketing all on your own. Contact Wren Interactive today for more information on how we can provide professional online marketing and improve your local business.