Unlike other areas of digital marketing that are black and white, there is no one definitive process on how to design a website. Depending on your business’s current website and your vision for its future iteration, different factors will come into play. Budget, computer language proficiency, functionality, marketing strategy, and your larger goals all need to be considered. While many of these questions require your input and research, there is one group that you should always seek feedback regarding how to design a website: your customers.

How to Design a Website: Poll or Survey Questions to Ask

What Was Your First Impression When You Entered Our Website?

As every small business knows, first impressions matter. Your website should be an accurate reflection of your business, even if customers need to visit your physical location to purchase your products and services. To get the most out of this question, present it on your homepage to new visitors.

How Did You Hear About Us?

While you probably know which channel brings the most traffic to your website (thanks to Google Analytics), there is one unknown that always stumps digital marketing experts: direct traffic. Since direct traffic has no referring website, it is impossible to know how that visitor learned about your business.

Asking new website visitors this question will help you learn which of your marketing channels is strongest and where customers discover your brand. They may have found out about your business from a source that isn’t even on your radar!

What Almost Stopped You From Purchasing?

If a visitor to your website abandons a purchase, but provided you with their email address, they expect to get an email reminding them about their shopping cart. What they aren’t expecting is a survey asking them what caused them to not complete the transaction.

After you collect enough data, find commonalities between responses and turn those answers into changes on your website. Pose this question to users either in an email or on the first page new users see after creating an account.

Would You Recommend Us to a Family Member or Friend?

Earned media, the unpaid endorsement of your business by a customer, is pure gold from a marketing point of view. When trying to understand how to design a website so you can leverage customers’ opinions, always target those who made a purchase or are repeat visitors.

Using cookies to track website activities will help you understand how strongly a customer feels about their experience with your business.

Did You Research Other Products/Services/Businesses Before Choosing Us?

If your business has a list of top competitors already, great! If not, start finding them; because doing competitive research is crucial when answering the question of how to design a website. Besides discovering how your competitors position their products and services on their website, competitive research can help you generate content ideas, design concepts, and re-work page layouts.

To learn more about how your customers view your competitors, ask them in a post-purchase survey. Their answers might surprise you, especially if you are in the software as a service (SaaS) industry where product features often overlap.

What Was the Goal of Your Visit?

Every user has a different reason for visiting your business’s website, from learning more about your products and services to reading an article or locating your address so they can visit you in person. Regardless of a user’s goal, they should always be able to find the information they were seeking quickly.

A high bounce rate on a website is one sign that users are not finding what they were searching for. Another way to find out if visitors are happy with their experience is to serve all visitors with this question right as they are about to exit the site.

Designing a website for your business is no small undertaking, and Wren Interactive can help! Our team understands that a website is a crucial component of a growing business and believes you should be proud to show yours off to customers.

If you want to learn more about how we create attractive websites that turn casual visitors into paying customers, contact us for a free consultation. We look forward to helping you take your website design to the next level!