You put a lot of time and effort into your email marketing strategy. You know that email marketing is an effective way to reach your target audience. But your email marketing strategy just isn’t working. What’s wrong, and how can you fix it?

You’re Working With a Bought List

Buying email lists was a valid strategy a few years ago, but no more. For one thing, no email list can be as specific as the information you gain through your own research. For another, that list you bought? It got sold to someone else, and everyone on the list is getting spammed right and left.

Take the time to build your own email list carefully and thoughtfully. It takes more work to do it yourself, but in the end the results will be well worth it.

You Sound Insincere

If all of your emails sound like politicians promising to give away free stuff to everyone without raising taxes, people are going to see through it. Your email subscribers aren’t stupid.

Craft your emails in a way that reaches out with the offer of a professional connection rather than pie-in-the-sky promises. Always deliver what you say you will and people will respond positively to your emails.

You’re Spamming

Everyone hates spam. and if you’re spamming your email campaigns will fail. There’s a limit to how many emails you can send before people will tweak their email client to throw your emails directly into the trash.

To fix this, don’t ever send irrelevant emails and consider lengthening the intervals between your substantive ones.

You’re Not Consistent

Sending an email consistently once a week or twice a month is smart. Only occasionally sending one at random intervals makes it seem as if you don’t have things together.

Choose your intervals and then be consistent about it. Then you give the impression you’re actually putting thought into your email marketing campaign.

You Don’t Have a Strategy

Everything that you do in marketing has to be strategic, and that includes your emails. Without a strategy, you’re just spinning your wheels.

The content of your emails should match your other marketing efforts. You should also be delivering emails at strategic times a day when people are likely to be checking email and click-through rates are higher.

You Aren’t Targeting

Your email campaign has to target people who are actually interested in what you have to say. If your emails are just going out generally, you’re not likely to get a lot of conversions; and you may get a reputation as a spammy kind of company.

Fix this by taking the time to divide your subscribers by interest, look at what they buy and when, consider feedback, and then target your emails strategically.

You Aren’t Proofreading

To succeed, your emails need to look professional. Avoid any culturally or politically sensitive topics so you appeal to the broadest range of potential customers.

Make sure you have plenty of people proofreading, and don’t forget to check the subject heading as well as the email body. Just one misspelling could turn you into a meme instead of prompting a conversion.

You Don’t Have a Message

The problem we’re talking about here is when you have so many ideas crammed into one email that the reader can’t understand what it is you actually want them to do.

Your emails should be succinct and clear. Include a call to action so the reader knows what they should do, and don’t clutter it up with extraneous information.

You Don’t Have the Expertize You Need

A big killer of email marketing is a lack of knowledge. For your marketing campaign to succeed, you need to understand how email marketing works and the features of a successful campaign.

You can do this yourself with enough time, or you can hire marketing experts who can get your email marketing campaign off the ground quickly and deliver solid results.

Kickstart Your Email Marketing Strategy

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