The most frustrating thing about marketing is it is about creative communication but riddled with cliches. We hate to sound cliche ourselves, but internet marketing cliches are a dime a dozen. Customers don’t respond well to tired, worn out lines. Today, we want to educate you on cliches running rampant in digital marketing you should avoid and what to use instead.

Internet Marketing Cliches to Avoid

This Is a 360-Degree Campaign

A circle is 360 degrees. If you travel 360 degrees, you come full circle and end up right back where you started. This campaign slogan makes no sense whatsoever. If your company has changed significantly, try something like, “this is a 180-degree campaign.”

Huge Savings or Huge Discount

Are you offering a huge savings or huge discount? Really? How much is it? Be specific. Generate trust between your company and your customer by being specific. A 10% discount or savings of $1,000 may be huge to one customer but not another. Plus, it sounds a little made up. Are you really offering a discount or are you just trying to sell something?

Last Chance or Final

FOMO, or fear of missing out, is a very real phenomenon. Unfortunately, overused phrases like “last chance” or “final” will not get your customers to open your email. Think about the McRib, a limited-time offer that we all know will come back a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. Your customers will take action if you give them a deadline or use a countdown clock. If you say, “use coupon code $$$ to receive free shipping and a 10% discount by August 31,” customers will click on your link and purchase your product.

We Need to Have an Authentic Conversation With our Consumers

Nobody wants to have a conversation with septic tank pumpers. And saying you need to have an authentic conversation makes it sound like you have not been doing that already. It makes you look bad.

Data Is the New Oil

Data is important. But saying this makes you sound like an outsider who wants to be perceived as an insider. This is just word salad. Data is not the new oil. Remember, data is like crude oil. It is unrefined. Just like crude oil has to be refined, data has to be analyzed

This Is a Bespoke Solution

Seriously? Bespoke is a British English word meaning, “made for a particular customer or user”. If your company is based in England, you get a pass. But if you run an American-based company, just say, “this is a custom solution.” That way, you will not sound pretentious.

It’s All About Great Storytelling

Everyone loves stories. Your dad told you stories every night before bed. Everyone laughed at the stories you told at your sister’s rehearsal dinner. The problem with this online marketing cliche is storytelling has very little to do with the grunt work of banners, taglines and such.

To a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail

We get it. You have to think outside the box (yet another terrible cliche). But you really shouldn’t be thinking outside the box. You should be thinking on the edges of the box. Anyway, this cliche doesn’t say anything. Try saying something that actually describes how your solution is different.

Paradigm Shift

What’s with the jargon? Remember the acronym KISS you learned in English class in middle school? Keep it simple, stupid. Every word should have a clear, concise meaning. If you can say it in fewer words, do it. Keep it simple and try to say something that make sense. Examples include:

  • Fundamental difference
  • Major adjustment
  • Critical change

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