If your company has a website selling your product and raising awareness of your brand, driving traffic to the site is one of the best ways to boost your company. The internet is getting more crowded, and every site needs something to make them stand out. To increase website traffic, turn to Wren Interactive, a full-service digital marketing agency, to boost your online presence and make sure your website stands out in a crowd.

Based in Mandeville, Louisiana, we specialize in helping small businesses develop an online presence that can compete with the big guns. We believe in staying involved through the process and keeping our clients appraised of where every one of their marketing dollars goes. Whether you’re developing your online presence or looking to give it a tune-up to keep up with the fast-moving marketplace, we’re here to help.

Wren Interactive is taking on new clients looking for support in web design, digital advertising, social media management, SEO, and mobile marketing. Contact us for more information, and read on for how we can increase website traffic for your business.

6 New Strategies to Increase Website Traffic in 2020

1. A Mobile-Friendly Website Is a Popular Website

Many older companies fall behind the curve because their website was designed for an earlier era of online commerce. When the company was founded, most commerce was done on desktop computers, and websites were designed for those systems. Now studies show that up to two-thirds of digital customers do their shopping on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets, making it essential to have a website optimized for mobile use.

A mobile-friendly website needs to take into consideration the smaller screen size of mobile devices and how they’re navigated. It’s ideal to eliminate excess text and focus on clear links and buttons that emphasize the most important points. The buttons should be easy to click—they shouldn’t be too close to other buttons to avoid user frustration.

2. Spread the Word

The best way to drive traffic to your website is to link to it on popular social media services with content that attracts potential customers. The best social media platform for your brand will depend on your target audience and how you want to show off your product. If your product is visually driven, you’ll want an active Instagram account and brand ambassadors with influence.

For clients with more information-driven products, like medications or tools, we recommend an active presence in Facebook groups dedicated to similar topics. These groups allow for longer posts and are ideal for rolling out new product announcements to an already-interested audience. The key when spreading the word on your product is to know your target audience and know the best platform for advertising.

Regardless of the target audience, we recommend all clients have an active Twitter account. This short-form blogging platform crosses demographics and is an ideal place to send out news blasts.

3. Guest Posts: Everyone Benefits

One of the best ways to increase website traffic is to provide website traffic to another related website. This is the beauty of promotional guest posts, where you write an article about a mutual subject and include links to your website that direct readers to your product. The ideal site to approach for a guest post is a news or blogging site with a similar focus to yours but not a direct competitor.

Approaching websites for guest posts is like blind-pitching a new story. You might not hear from many sites, but once you get your first guest posts and deliver traffic, others will pay more attention. Digital marketing agencies know how to get the attention of specialty sites and cut down the pitching period for our clients.

4. Using Smart Keywords

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is one of the cornerstones of increasing website traffic. The problem is that every company with an online presence is trying to roll out a strong social media strategy, and many are in direct competition. When companies use popular keywords to try to rank up on Google, the front page shifts frequently, and it’s hard to gain long-term traction.

That’s why it’s best to steer away from the most commonly used keywords and instead find some that speak directly to your company without the competition. Find out specific subjects your buyers are interested in or specific problems they’re trying to solve. You won’t get as many searches as those using the top keywords, but those searching for your specific keywords are more likely to translate to purchases.

5. Stay in Contact

The customer-company relationship shouldn’t end with the purchase if you’re looking to build strong, long-term traffic. One of the best ways to increase website traffic long-term is to urge customers to sign up for your e-mail list after purchase and keep them updated on future product launches. This helps to create repeat customers and also makes it easy to share important news about the company’s future and product line.

A good way to drive traffic to your website is with positive reviews on major review sites like Yelp and Google Reviews. When sending an e-mail to a customer to confirm purchase or to alert them to news, a friendly request to leave a review or rating on these sites works wonders. When potential customers see a high rating, they’re more likely to click through to the website.

6. Advertise Smart, Not Wide

The days of promoting your product with a wide-reaching advertising campaign that tried to capture a cross-section of users are over. Instead, companies are taking advantage of targeting algorithms to develop a portrait of their likely customer base and targeting their advertising to that audience. Top sites like Google and Twitter have data on their users and will target ads for a product line to the customers who have recently searched or posted about similar topics.

Google, Twitter, and Facebook are the three biggest advertising marketplaces on the internet. We recommend ad campaigns on Twitter and Google to start, with Facebook depending on your customer base. These sites have a diverse user base and easy-to-track systems that indicate the interests of users.

The advantage of a targeted marketing campaign is that you save money compared to an indiscriminate ad campaign while reaching people more likely to make a purchase. You’ll have access to Wren Interactive’s top suite of statistical tools to show how your strategy is working and which areas need to be shored up.

Let Wren Interactive Boost Your Website Traffic

If you’re watching your website traffic slow down or struggling to get a foothold in a crowded marketplace, you’re not the only one. Running a successful digital marketing campaign is a full-time job, and more companies are outsourcing it to the experts so they can focus on product design. A full-service digital marketing agency takes all the stress out of developing your online strategy.

Whether you want to build your digital footprint from the ground up or need it modernized to compete with new entries in your field, we’re ready to help you increase website traffic. Contact Wren Interactive for more information on our services or to set up a consultation today.