Digital marketing is essential to get new paying customers and keep existing ones. But how do you know if your online marketing tactics are successful? How do you measure success? Today, our goal is to enlighten you. Keep reading to learn the five tools every digital marketing agency should use.

Which 5 Tools Should Every Digital Marketing Agency Implement?

Google Analytics

Every digital marketing agency needs to be using Google Analytics. It offers you insights into your website and allows you to track visitors to your site in real time. It is crucial because it allows digital marketing agencies to discover the most effective methods for reaching your customers and leading traffic to your site. A small portion of analytics this tool provides is:

  • How much traffic your site gets
  • Which pages have high dwell time
  • Which site led the visitor to your website
  • Which page was viewed when visitors left


Facebook may be the most overlooked marketing tool. With over a billion users around the globe, Facebook is a marketing opportunity that cannot be passed up. Taking advantage of this tool starts with created a business page on Facebook. Then, you have access to Facebook Pages Manager and Insights. These allow you to post content, edit posts and even interact with fans of your brand. Use Facebook to promote your brand with Ads, Groups and Pages.


If you sell to products and services to other business, your online marketing agency should focus on using LinkedIn to generate leads. Set up a LinkedIn Company Page. Like Facebook, this is separate from your personal page. It allows you to learn more about your brand’s followers. It is also an excellent resource for lead generation and building an email marketing list. The best digital marketing agencies will use LinkedIn to deliver high-quality content, give a face to your brand and build relationships.


The power of using Twitter is undeniable. With over 300 million active users, you will be able to reach a large part of your target market there. The challenge that expert digital marketing agencies are aware of is there is no separation between your brand’s profile and yours. Businesses understand that they do not have to write in the voice of their company. What they fail to understand, however, is they need to create authentic content that your customers crave. Twitter needs to be used to increase brand awareness, boost traffic to your website and lead to conversions.

Website and Blog

Once you have attracted attention on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, where do your customers go? Your website, of course. Keep your website up to date. Check for broken links that can damage your SEO rankings. This is your opportunity to showcase your products and services and set yourself apart from your competition.

A business blog and website allows your customers to get their questions answered around the clock. However, it is important that your website is easy to navigate. Use thoughtful anchor text to link customers to other pages with in-depth information they may be looking for. Also, make sure it is responsive and optimized for mobile devices.

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