Of people who have internet access, 71% use social media. This provides businesses with an incredible marketing opportunity. But most small businesses need a social media manager to manage their brand image and reputation and run effective advertising and marketing campaigns. Today, we are discussing five things about social media management you may not have known.

What Is a Social Media Manager?

A social media manager manages your social media marketing campaigns and handles daily tasks, including managing all published content and developing content that will reach your target market.

5 Surprising Facts About Social Media Management

The importance of an expert social media manager becomes more apparent the more you learn about social media management.

Social Commerce Revenue Is on the Rise

Understanding that social media raises brand awareness is intuitive. What many business owners do not know is that a great deal of revenue comes from social media, with the help of an expert social media manager. In fact, sales generated from social media campaigns accounted for $15 billion in revenue in 2014. This number is increasing rapidly every year.

Social Media Generates B2B Leads

Social media does not just generate leads from individual consumers. The truth is, 54% of business-to-business marketers say they generated leads from social media platforms. Remember, businesses are consumers, too. It may take a little longer to convince a team of decision-makers to buy your product or service, but social media marketing is still relevant to B2B sellers.

LinkedIn Leads the Pack in Lead Generation

By far, Facebook is the most widely used social media platform. However, LinkedIn accounted for 80% of social media-driven lead generation in the business-to-business space. If you sell to businesses and have a tight social media marketing budget, LinkedIn is where you want to invest most of your money.

LinkedIn is also a great space for B2C businesses to invest in, because over 50% of college graduates are on LinkedIn and they have more disposable income than non-graduates.

Facebook Is Rife with Opportunity

People have been saying for years that Facebook is failing and will be replaced shortly. Research demonstrates the contrary. An astonishing 58% of American adults use Facebook. We are not talking about all American adults who use social media. Nor are we discussing American adults who have access to the internet.

We are talking about 58% of all adults in America. Consider that 23% of American adults are active on LinkedIn and 22% of American adults are active on Pinterest. Combined with the statistic that 79% of American adults exclusively use Facebook to consume social media, it is easy to see where the opportunity is for business-to-consumer businesses to advertise.

YouTube Is Ideal for Quality over Quantity

While more people are on Facebook than any other social media site, YouTube provides the highest quality lead generation. These leads stay on your site longer, visit the most pages, and bounce less than referral traffic generated from any other social media platform.

Only 26% of Businesses Market with Social Media

If your business has never had a social media marketing campaign, it is not too late to start. In fact, 74% of businesses have not integrated social media into their marketing strategies. With the help of an experienced social media manager, you can turn this opportunity into a competitive advantage.

Investing in a social media marketing campaign will go beyond leveling the playing field online. It will put you ahead of at least 74% of your competition.

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