Gone are the days when organizations didn’t have to worry about social media or its impact on their bottom line. Today, businesses and social media marketing agency experts know how to turn likes and shares into dollars and cents. To learn a few secrets of the social media marketing trade, keep reading for five resources the professionals at Wren Interactive recommend.

5 Resources Social Media Marketing Agency Experts Use

1. Business Managers

No company in their right mind would say, “no, I don’t want any insights on my website visitors.” However, these same companies set up social media pages and don’t leverage the free business manager accounts available to them.

Besides in-depth analytics about the audiences that engage with your pages, social media business managers also have tools to help you create and manage content and creative, measure and report on campaigns and paid ads, and give a social media marketing agency access to your account without making them admins.

2. Analytics and Tracking Software

As discussed above, business managers are one type of analytics and tracking software that you can use to measure how well your page is performing. However, it’s important to remember that business managers provide insights about their specific network, which is why it is important to have analytics and tracking software that gives you a full picture of all your digital marketing activities, social media included.

Unless you are selling ad space on your website or require in-depth reporting that can be hyper customized, Google Analytics is the universal default for measuring web traffic. Not only is Google Analytics free, but it also syncs up nicely with their Ads platform and Search Console. Whether you want to measure how many visitors came to your website from a newsletter or clicked through to a landing page from a social media post, Google Analytics will provide you with all that data and more.

3. Content Creation Tools

Gone are the days when businesses spend months developing a promotional video only to have it decay on YouTube. Today’s social media videos are live-streamed from smartphones while photos are cropped, filtered, and posted–all looking professional thanks to content creation tools.

While experts at a social media marketing agency likely have access to expensive and complex creative software, like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, they still leverage the content creation tools that networks provide. Not only are these tools free, but they also connect directly to the networks, saving time and effort in creating posts and ad campaigns.

4. Scheduling Assistants

As much as experts at a social media marketing agency would like their California-based client to think they stayed until 1:00 AM ET to share a post they did not, it was posted using a scheduling assistant.

Scheduling assistants do more than just let your social media marketing agency get a good night’s rest; besides understanding how each post performed, scheduling assistants can also perform the function of a content calendar.

5. Performance Snapshots

As any marketer will attest, social media is only one piece of the puzzle in reaching your online goals. The internet is a massive place and there are lots of places that customers (existing and potential new ones) can find your business; you would do your business a disservice if your digital marketing strategy only focused on social media.

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