Your website is the portal to your business, giving potential customers their first impression of the services and products you offer after they click on an advertisement. Studies show the average visitor to a website takes only seconds to decide whether they’re interested, so making a good first impression is the key to a business standing out in the market. The key to creating a user-friendly home site is website optimization, or making your website user-friendly and clear for first-time visitors.

Website optimization takes skill at both design and programming, so many up-and-coming businesses are turning to full-service digital marketing services to take the work off their hands. To evaluate whether a digital marketing service can do what you need, it pays to be familiar with the most important components of optimization.

5 Absolutely Necessary Components of Website Optimization in Today’s Market

Title and Landing Page

You only have seconds to grab the attention of visitors when they click on your ad and arrive on your website, so your first concern should be what message they get immediately. The best way to turn a click into a sale is with an eye-catching title followed immediately by a pithy explanation of your product and what it does better than the competition. Our digital experts will create compelling copy that will sell your product or service to visitors while we have their attention.

Mobile and Desktop Optimization

Many older companies fall behind in the digital marketing race because their websites are only designed for old-school desktop browsers, but more customers are shopping exclusively mobile.

Mobile websites must be easy to scroll and touchscreen-friendly, and the smaller screens mean unnecessary text should be eliminated to prevent overcrowding. Our team of website design experts is versed in both desktop and mobile design and will build a website for you that gives you the best of both worlds.

Meta Description

Website optimization doesn’t begin and end with the website, as many customers come to your site not through advertising but through searching a general product category and finding your website.

The small chunk of text you see under the title of a website on a search engine is the meta description, giving a capsule of your website’s purpose. A compelling, eye-catching piece of short copy under 150 characters is one of the many website design features we provide, so your website sells itself before customers even arrive.

Heading Placement

HTML tags make text bigger, smaller, or distinct in other ways like color and shading. This is the best way to make areas of text stand out as your customer scrolls through the page, so using these tags for headings that pull your visitor’s eyes to the important details is key. Our website optimization experts have built hundreds of sites and have observed the heading placements and designs that deliver the most traffic and clicks.

Image Placement

Images are an effective way to catch the viewer’s eye as they visit your website, and a well-chosen image can become a signature for your page. However, overuse of images can slow down your website and distract from the vital text that sells your product. A well-designed website will use images sparingly and in a carefully planned manner to supplement your text, not overpower it.

Wren Interactive – Your One-Stop Solution for Website Optimization

If you’re looking to set up a well-designed website for a new business or to bring your existing website up to date, we provide a full-service customizable package for all your website optimization and digital marketing needs. Contact Wren Interactive today for more information on our services or to set up a consultation today.