In today’s modern business environment, customers expect businesses to be active on social media, and many customer purchase decisions are influenced by the content on these networks. Businesses that understand the importance of social media typically work with a social media marketing agency. However, make no mistake: hiring a social media marketing agency does not mean you can pass everything off and never worry about Facebook and Twitter again. To get meaningful results from social media, it is essential that you provide input and feedback around what is working (and what isn’t).

3 Tips on Working With a Social Media Marketing Agency

1. Use a Calendar

When partnering with a social media marketing agency, many businesses find it helpful to build a calendar that specifies the content being created, who is creating it, when it will be posted, and how its success will be measured.

Every social media network is unique, so strategies that work on Facebook don’t translate on Twitter. With different posting frequencies, content features, and user preferences, creating a calendar will ensure you are following best practices on each network. For example, your business should be posting on Twitter multiple times a day, whereas with Facebook or LinkedIn you only need to post a few times a week. Having a calendar that lays everything out will ensure you are all on the same page about who is doing what and when.

Depending on the social media marketing agency you work with, they may have a calendar template that they use, or you can create your own using Excel or Google Sheets. Make sure your calendar includes key components, including the social media network name, post type (paid or organic), the link that the post is driving traffic to (if you aren’t driving to your business page on the network), hashtags, copy, graphics, and performance metrics.

2. Provide Your Social Media Marketing Agency With Examples

As much as some people think social media marketers are mind readers, they aren’t. So, if you come across a particular Facebook post that you think would be applicable to your business, take a screenshot and send it over to your social media marketing agency! While they won’t copy it verbatim, it is always helpful to have examples of what clients like (and why) when creating content.

There’s other helpful information you can share. Tell your marketing agency about past campaigns, even if they were done by an intern, as well as what you think has worked and what has not. Articulating your business goals on social media is essential, and your agency will get better results if you are both on the same page.

3. Share Internal Assets

Besides providing your social media marketing agency with your brand guidelines, logos, fonts, and assets, don’t forget to send them the “random” content, as it shows a side of your business that your customers (and employees) might enjoy.

For example, Twitter holidays like #ThrowbackThursday are a perfect opportunity to showcase fun facts about your business. In the #ThrowbackThursday example, share an old iteration of your logo, previous location, or even an old photo of your employees: just get their consent so everyone is on the same page!

Wren Interactive

At Wren Interactive, our social media clients think of us as an extension of their own company. While we “technically” are an outside agency, we know that our success depends on theirs; which is why we do our best to put their unique company personality in the social media space. To learn more about how you can better results on social media platforms, contact us for a free consultation!